Most of the detailed work on this presentation has been done by Andy Kirkham, who was introduced to wildlife by his grandparents and has had a lifelong interest ever since. Andy has a busy job on the campsite, but will be glad to advise in any way he can.

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Our site is very rich in wildlife, and we have made this website presentation to help you enjoy it as much as we do ourselves.  Contributions of photos, experiences and comments are welcome at mullserver@shielingholidays.co.uk.  We are not experts in many of the topics, geology for example, and are keen to correct any mistakes we have made.

The website refers to some neighbouring Torosay Estate land as well as ours, and we would like to pay tribute to their very generous policy on access by visitors over the 25 years of our existence.  For safety, please do not walk on the Railway, and cross it with care. Details of Torosay Castle and Gardens are on www.torosay.com and the Isle of Mull Railway on www.mullrail.co.uk.

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