OtterOTTER Otter

Overview: The otter has an acute sense of sight, smell and hearing. The eyes are placed high on the head so that it can see when the rest of the body is below water. Otters can only hold their breath for about 20sec whilst diving for food.  To survive in the wild, however, is not easy, particularly for a Carnivore and the otter will be lucky to reach the age of 4. However, there have been instances of otters living from 8-12 years.

Breeding:  Uses a Holt which is normally near fresh water. Although otter cubs can be born at any time of the year, there is a definite preference for spring and again in late autumn. On average 2-3 cubs are born. At seven weeks they will go to the entrance, but they will not go much further until they are 10 weeks old.

Where to see them: Often seen at the front of the campsite (map B5, B6, G8, H8).  Normally seen in the sea close to shore, but frequently come to shore to eat larger fish. They may also be seen making there way to their holt earlier in the year. The best way to see them is to find a good comfy spot and sit down and keep scanning the water for the Otters.

When to see them: Best seen at dawn or dusk, but can be seen though-out the day especially in March-May and again in September -October.

What they eat: Fish (80%), birds, small mammals, frogs.

Lutra lutra

Length:               1-1.3m 

Life Span:  up to 4 years 

Weight:               7-9 kg  

Present:             All Year

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